Invited Speakers

Here is a list of our invited speakers, and their talk titles:
  • Jacob Fox (MIT, USA) Graph removal lemmas.
  • Massimo Giulietti (Perugia, Italy) The geometry of covering codes: small complete caps and saturating sets in Galois spaces.
  • Tor Helleseth (Bergen, Norway) Bent Functions and their Connection to Combinatorics.
  • Jan van den Heuvel (London School of Economics, UK) The complexity of change.
  • Jozef Širáň (Open University, UK) How symmetric can maps on surfaces be?
  • Einar Steingrímsson (Strathclyde, UK) Some open problems on permutation patterns.
  • Kristina Vušković (Leeds, UK) The world of hereditary graph classes viewed through Truemper configurations.
  • Geoff Whittle (Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand) Structure in minor-closed classes of matroids.
  • Doron Zeilberger (Rutgers, USA) Automatic Counting of Tilings of Skinny Plane Regions