Registering for the conference trip to Windsor; day rates

As of 5th June, there are now just 10 places remaining for the conference trip to Windsor. So if you are planning to attend this trip, please make sure you register soon!

We are now offering a day rate of £85 (per day) to attend the BCC for one or two days.  (Click on the registration button above.) The day rate includes registration for these days, lunch and coffee breaks, but no accommodation, no evening events/meals and no copy of the proceedings. To help you in your choice of days, here is a list of invited speakers by day:

Monday: Jacob Fox, Doron Zeilberger

Tuesday: Tor Helleseth, Kristina Vušković

Wednesday: Massimo Giulietti

Thursday: Jozef Širáň, Einer Steingrímsson

Friday: Geoff Whittle, Jan van den Heuvel

For details of the contributed talks, please see the preliminary programme.

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